Sony Action Cam Vs Gopro Hero 3 Black

Sony HDR-AS20 Action Video Camera with Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and Full HD 1080p Video (International Version) + 8pc Bundle 16GB Accessory Kit w/ HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth


Sony has caught up in a hurry, though

This is a video directly comparing the Sony Action Cam and GoPro Hero2 - mounted on a mountain bike so plenty of movement and vibrations. In the split screen you can see the difference, Hero2 generally with more colour and softer footage while the Sony has more detail and with the Steady Shot removes a number of the bumps for more fluid video. Filmed at 1980x1020

One of the most common types of digital camera that you could find on the market these days is action camera. There are various choices of action camera that are available these days. Two of the most popular action cameras these days are Sony Cam and GoPro Hero 3 Black. Before you decide to buy one of these cameras, you might need to compare them first so that you could find out which one of them that offers the best features. Paying attention to sony action cam vs gopro hero 3 black comparison details will help you in making your decision when you want to buy action camera.

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There are several differences between Sony Cam and GoPro Hero 3 Black that you might need to notice. The first difference is that Sony Cam has higher resolution than Hero 3 Black. Action Cam has 13.5-MP resolution while Hero 3 Black only has 12.4-MP resolution. Other difference between these cameras is that Action Cam has more battery power than Hero 3 Black. The video recording quality of Sony Action Cam is also better than Hero 3 Black as well.

According to most user reviews, Action Cam is definitely a better action camera than GoPro Hero 3 Black. The features that are available on Sony Action Cam also support this rating as well. The only benefit that is offered by Hero 3 Black is that it was lighter than Sony Cam. So if you have to choose between Sony Action Cam and GoPro Hero 3 Black, you should choose Sony Cam instead since it has better features.