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Kodak PIXPRO SP1 Action Cam with Aqua Sport Pack 14 MP Waterproof, Full HD 1080p Video, Digital Camera and 1.5" LCD Screen (Yellow)


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Waterproof cameras are not something that can really shock you in these days, but the sleekness, compact size and shape of the camera is really astonishing. Just about the size of a credit card, Kodak Playfull waterproof video camera is super lightweight and durable too, while offering high quality 720p HD video recording even up to 10 feet underwater. In the series of proofs, dust and shock is also there aside from water, ensuring complete peace of mind for the users in any possible situation without hampering the quality of the fun they are having.

The camera is equipped with a share button, pressing which in the review mode will let the users to select their favorite sharing destinations like facebook, youtube or email and whenever they will connect the camera with a PC, the pictures will be uploaded automatically to the selected destinations. The distinct, crispy and lively photos and videos recorded by the camera can be enjoyed directly on your HD TV with full magnificence through direct HDMI connection from the camera. Also, Kodak Playfull Waterproof Video Camera comes with an optional remote control for added convenience of enjoying the videos and pictures. []

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    Whenever you are having with friends and family, you must be trying not to be the person who is going to shoot the amazing moments because of the extra carefulness required to do so in order to ensure safety for the camera. Even if you are successful, someone else you love will have to go through the pain that you may not want to see as well. Kodak Playfull waterproof video camera is the solution. []

    It’s all-amazing, for one and all. With the KODAK PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera, everyone can get 720p HD video in a small, affordable package. Pop it in a pocket or purse so it’s ready whenever you need it. And the PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera can get wet or take a tumble and still come back for more. When the fun is done, the Share button and pop-out USB arm make it seriously simple to e-mail videos directly to friends or upload to your favorite sharing sites. It’s the everyday HD video camera that you’ll never go anywhere without.