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Kodak stopped manufacturing 35mm slide projectors in 2004, a decision in line with the company's current focus on digital photography. The dedicated to Kodak slide projectors has been archived as a frozen version, current as of November 2004. Soon enough, that website would seem as old fashioned as the famous poster celebrating the invention of the carousel slide projector.

KODAK Slide Projectors,
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Kodak stopped
manufacturing slide
projectors in 2004.

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Many answers to questions
about Kodak slide
projectors can be
found here.

Time-sensitive data such as
contact information may
change over time.

This site is a snapshot
view, frozen in time as
of November 2004.

It is not updated.

How to change the bulb in a Kodak Carousel slide projector

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How to change the bulb on your Kodak Carousel Slide projector

The first Kodak slide projectors were produced in 1937 and were gravity fed one slide at a time. The first straight trays and timers were introduced in 1958. Auto-focus was not a feature until 1969, and computer compatible units were not available until 1992.

On Sunday night, we say farewell to after eight years. Perhaps nothing can more eloquently express how this makes us feel than , for the Kodak Carousel slide projector.

We’ve updated the scene so that Don projects some of some of our own favorite memories from the show. We’ll forgive you if you have to ask Harry Crane to borrow some tissues.