Kodak Carousel 4200 Slide Projector


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Now that we’ve covered the most common projectors that we deal with, below we have listed the frequent issues that plague kodak slide projectors.

A Kodak slide projector and screen. This set includes a Kodak Carousel 4600 projector with an attachable hand-held remote and the instruction manual and a Da-Lite retractable screen. The screen includes a tripod base with a hook at the crown to attach the retractable screen. Screen and tripod can retract for easy storage. Also includes a brown individual slide viewer.

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  • U.S. Product History
  • Source Book: Table of Contents
  • Source Book: Part I - The Evolution of KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC Slide Projectors
  • Source Book: Part II - The KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC Slide Projector Line Today
  • Source Book: Part III - KODAK Slide Projector Accessories
  • Source Book: Part IV - Techniques for Better AV Programs (part 1)
  • Source Book: Part IV - Techniques for Better AV Programs (part 2)
  • Source Book: Part V - Adapting Your KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC Slide Projector
  • Source Book: Part VI - Detailed Plans for Helpful Home-Built AV Projects
  • Source Book: Part VII - Projector Remote Control
  • Source Book: Part VIII - Maintenance and Care of Kodak AV Equipment and Slides
  • Source Book: Part IX - Offbeat Applications for KODAK Slide Projectors
  • History of S-AV Slide Projectors

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Well, you are in luck! No matter which way you decide we can help you in both. However, this blog is about the the most common issues that plague Kodak Slide Projectors and some of the questions that people have. If you would like more information on our slide transfer process visit

Warranty Time Period
This KODAK CAROUSEL Projector is warranted by Kodak to function properly for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers the purchaser of this projector and anyone else who owns it during the warranty period.