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-- Get serious: There is great news for photographers who have been combing stores for the Kodak Professional Photoguide, which has been out of print for some time. It`s available again, and it`s new and improved. The data guide offers updated text, graphics, tables and charts for 50 Kodak films;

Some topics might be over your head today, but if you are really serious about being an above the average snapshooter and want to become a good photographer this is for you. You will grow into it and find The Kodak Professional Photoguide is indispensible. The chapters are tabbed and will take you quickly to reference materials on every techinical subject concerning picture-taking to which you would need to refer.

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    From memory I can recommend Andreas Feininger's Principles of Composition in Photography. It was not prescriptive and had a good selection of interesting examples, with discussion about what worked and why. Unfortunately I lost my copy, and it seems to be long out of print. I also remember his book The Complete Colour Photographer as a worthwhile read.
    Another long time favourite of mine is The Ilford Manual of Photography, first published in 1890. I have the sixth edition (April 1971) - it has comprehensive discussions about the nature of light and light sources, image formation, lenses, camera movements, sensitometry, film characteristics, exposure, development and processing, printing, identifying faults in negatives and lots more. A great resource, particularly for film work.
    Another recommendation is the Kodak Professional Photoguide, first published in 1977. Printed on heavy duty cardboard, it's a slim volume designed to be carried on location, it even includes a gray card and colour patches.

    First Edition - Kodak Professional Photoguide 1981. For use in taking both Black & White or Color Photographs. Five divisions of data; Films, Exposure, Filters, Flash, and Lenses and Perspective.