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Kodak Tri-X 400TX Professional ISO 400, 36mm, Black and White Film (Pack of 3)

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Over the years, our team has met and worked with incredibly talented photographers who have an unbridled passion for film. Each has a personal reason for working with film: the unmatched look and feel that differentiate themselves in the market, the experience, the richness. Contained within their passion is a curiosity and an unquestionable commitment: KODAK PROFESSIONAL roll film sales - both color negative and black & white film – grew more than 5% worldwide from 2013-2015.

For recent devotees and seasoned veterans alike, we created the free KODAK PROFESSIONAL Film App to feed into that curiosity with the answers to often-asked questions -- What kind of film should I use for fast action? Where can I buy KODAK PROFESSIONAL Films such as TRI-X (and PORTRA, T-MAX, EKTAR)? Where can I get my film developed?


•  Image will appear on the Kodak and American Photo Websites
•  (1) KODAK PROFESSIONAL 8500 Digital Photo Printer and (1) 50 Print EKTATHERM 8500 Glossy Kit
•  $350 retail value of your choice of KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA Films. (More than 1,750+ exposures)

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The Kodak Professional Film App is now available for both Android and iOS devices. With Kodak Professional film roll sales growing more than 5% worldwide from 2013-2015, this free app was created to answer the often-asked questions – such as what types of film are suitable for certain environments, where to buy film, and where to develop film, to name a few. In each section, users will be able to find examples of each type of photography, along with what others have done with Kodak Professional film. For Android users, the app is now available in the . For iOS devices, download the new version for iPad and the updated iPhone version from .

Do you use the Kodak Professional Film app? What do you like or hate about it? What other apps do you use to assist when shooting or developing film? Let us know in the comments.