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Operation Forward and Reverse Press the forward button on the projector or the remote control to project the first slide. To change slides, briefly press the forward or reverse buttons. Focus Focus your first slide using the focus knob on the projector or the focus button on the remote control (Models 4400 and 5600 only). Autofocus (Models 4600 and 5600 only) Random Projection The autofocus feature automatically focuses each slide after you focus your first slide manually. If there is a mix of slide mounts in the tray (cardboard, plastic, and glass), it may be necessary to manually refocus between mount-type changes. The focus button on the cabled remote can be used for Models 4400 and For random projection of any slide in the tray: press and hold down the select bar, rotate the tray to the desired slide, and release the select bar. 10 KODAK CAROUSEL Slide Projector

Operation Screen Image Use the elevating foot to horizontally center the projected image on the screen. To release the foot, press the release button, while lifting the front of the projector to the desired height. Use the elevating wheel to make fine adjustments. If the image is not level, make an adjustment by turning the leveling foot at the rear of the projector. Timer (Model 5600 only) To time your slides, use the timer switch for slide changes from 3 to 22 seconds. To interrupt the timer, press either the forward or reverse button. For manual operation, slide the timer switch to Off. KODAK CAROUSEL Slide Projector 11


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    Specifications for a Kodak Carousel 760H. ... The Kodak Carousel projector uses a mechanical system to advance and display 35-mm slides from...

  • The Kodak Carousel projector was discontinued in October 2004.

    Operation Reading Light (Model 5600 only) To illuminate a small area for reading, lift the reading light cover while the projector lamp is on. Room Light Outlet (Model 5600 only) Plug any standard room light into the room light outlet and turn it on. It will remain on until the projector is turned to the lamp position (when a darkened room is required). When you turn the projector off at the end of your presentation, the room light will come on again. 12 KODAK CAROUSEL Slide Projector

    Operation Projecting Your Slides Lens To insert a lens, push the focus knob up and position the lens gear teeth on the lens barrel with the notch on the projector. Lamp Slide the power switch to lamp. KODAK CAROUSEL Slide Projector 9