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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Body Professional Mirrorless Camera (Black)


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Fujifilm is proud to announce the new model changes the rules in the new interchangeable lens system: Fujifilm X-Pro1. This camera is aimed at a professional audience and advanced amateurs and incorporates advanced technologies such as Trans-X's unique sensor CMOSTM megapixel APS-C 16, a new X port for mounting the lens, a viewfinder and three hybrid optical the base.

For this camera, Fujifilm has developed a new CMOS sensor called X-TransTM CMOSTM which is able to provide a response similar to that of a sensor "full frame".
The new array (CFA - Color Filter Array) opens the way for an ideal sensor that does not require an optical low-pass filter. This filter is in fact essential for the reduction of false colors and moiré generated by conventional sensors, but at the same time, also degrades the resolution. Fujifilm has developed a new matrix that is inspired by the CFA random arrangement of the grain in the film, eliminating the need for optical low-pass filter to solve the problems of false colors and moiré. In the matrix, RGB pixels are arranged in groups of 6x6 pixels with high aperiodicity (randomness). Increasing the degree of randomness eliminates the root cause of the false color and moiré, a problem that occurs in conventional matrix elements during the filming of rows and other repeating patterns. The presence of a pixel R, G and B in each series of horizontal and vertical pixels minimizes the generation of false colors and provides superior color reproduction themselves.
The use of a matrix inspired by the film has necessitated a more powerful processor to process image data for this FUJIFILM EXR Processor Pro has created this project to optimize the potential of the Trans-X sensor CMOSTM providing high speed and high-precision image processing.

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  • The Fujifilm X Pro 2 shoots HD video while the X-T2 does 4k video.
  • The Fujifilm X Pro 2 has 273 autofocus points while the X-T2 has 325.
  • The X Pro 2 has the OVF, the X-T2 only has an EVF
  • The X Pro 2 has 61 points of weather sealing with the X-T2 has 63

FUJIFILM X Series Camera Lineup

So far though when it comes to the answer of the Fujifilm X Pro 2 vs Fujifilm X-T2, the specs lead us to the X-T2. Though the X Pro 2 is absolutely no slouch and at the moment of publishing this post, it’s the best APS-C sensor camera I’ve tested. That will most likely change though.

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 (a.k.a. Fujifilm XPro1) is Fujifilm's newest camera which seems like the next step in a logical progression that began last year with the Leica-esque, high-resolution X100, followed by the smaller-sensor-based x10, a street-savvy little camera with a similarly retro feel. The X-Pro1 is a new interchangeable-lens compact camera that appears ready to take on that more expensive rangefinder camera. The X-Pro1 will hit the market with a range of three X-Mount lenses-an 18mm (27mm equivalent on a 35mm sensor camera) f/2, 35mm (53mm equivalent) f/1.4 lens, and a 60mm (91mm equivalent) f/2.4 macro lens. Lens diaphragm blades are curved for pleasing bokeh. The company says nine more lenses will be rolled out within the next three years, and that an M-mount adapter is in the works.