Thoughts on Fujifilm Pro 400H 35mm film.

Fujifilm 16326078 pro 400H Color Negative Film 15473707 ISO 400, 35mm, 36 Exposures (Green/White/Purple)


Fujifilm Pro 400H 135-36 Fujicolor Film (ISO 400)

That’s a valid point, but that wasn’t the purpose of this blog post. In order to compare the color palette of Fuji’s digital files with their analog product, Fujifilm Pro 400H, I needed to make a few adjustments to the RAW file to be able to provide a base for comparing the colors. Highlights, blacks, shadows etc. look very different with film and have a huge influence on the perception of color. While I didn’t touch the color rendition, I did adjust the RAW file to make the digital result more comparable with the film result in terms of the contrast level and highlight/shadow details.

Es gibt ihn für die Formate 35mm und 120, spricht Mittelformat- und Kleinbildkameras.

Entwickelt wird der Fujifilm Pro 400H im C-41-Prozess.
Diesen kann man auch ZuHause durchführen oder man gibt es den vollen Film bei Labor seines Vertrauens ab.

Fujifilm Pro 400H 135-36 Fujicolor Film (ISO 400) USD: $12.92

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Eva photographed with Fujifilm Pro 400h

Film photographers know that Fujifilm Pro 400H needs at least a stop of overexposure just for “proper” exposure (it’s commonly considered more of a 200-speed film than 400), but for a pastel result I like to overexpose at least 2 stops. My husband Johnny Patience demonstrated this recently using my over a 5-stop range. You can see the pastel tones come out at about +2, and from there it gets more saturated & contrasty with each additional stop.

Fujifilm PRO 400H 120 is a professional-quality, daylight-type colour negative film that uses Fujifilm’s proprietary Fourth Color Layer technology. Its high speed (ISO 400) and advanced image-capturing technology make it ideal for events where accurate depiction is crucial.